Turnkey Solution

An effective Outsourcing software development solution

The choice of a service provider for outsourcing IT services is based on the capacity of the vendor to contribute to the added value of the business of his client. Focus has developed mature delivery capabilities that allow its customers to focus on their core business while enjoying high-level IT services.

Among our business models, the “Fixed budget service contract model” aligns with the client’s strategic objectives to attain greater operational capabilities, achieve operational efficiencies, reduce operational costs, increase cost variability and rationalize their current operating environment.

This software outsourcing model is best suitable for projects with available detailed requirements, schedules, and project path. It is intended for clients who have defined project scope at the beginning of the project, along with the detailed Software Requirements Specifications.

Keeping in mind small and mid size projects needs, we have developed technical skills, process, tools, methodologies and structure capabilities to take charge of your project and provide you with a turnkey product to meet your expectations

Details of the Fixed Budget Service Contract Business Model

In the implementation phase, we keep our customer informed about the progressive steps taking place in the project either by reporting or by any other management tool. As a result, the customer would remain up-to-date on the progress of the project.

When the project reaches its validation phase, that is the end phase, we deliver the product in the client’s hand.

We keep in mind that if the contract has a guarantee period, amendments or complaints will be processed after making delivery to the client.

We make sure that after completion of the project, the client can maintain full possession of all intellectual property rights and software code.

Benefits of following this Business Model

By choosing the “Fixed budget service contract mode”, you will make the most of Focus’s outsourcing software services and benefit of the best value for money, a clear visibility, a warranty phase and intellectual property safety:

  • Module based payment method which supports progress monitoring.
  • Payment based on evident progress on the project at every stage.
  • A progress monitoring method that meets both customer's and developer's expectations as regarding the task completion reporting
  • A Business model which guarantees full possession of all intellectual property rights and software code.

Payment Details

The payment is defined according to the project proportion and the size of its modules. Therefore, the payment is made as per the modules and the time taken to finish them.

The best utility of this model is proven when the subcontractor implements fully predictable portions of code based on detailed specifications that need to be paid for at a fixed and fair basis.

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