Software Maintenance

Third party maintenance services to guarantee the performance of your applications

With the increasing complexity of IT systems and their prominence in business processes, ensuring the proper functioning of its IT applications becomes critical.

Focus helps you secure the continuity of your business by providing you with high-level application maintenance services.

Maintenance and enhancing software to cope with newly discovered problems or new requirements can take far more time than the initial software development. It may be necessary to add code that does not fit the original design to correct an unforeseen problem or it may be that you are requesting more functionality and thus code can be added to accommodate these requests.

The third application maintenance proposed by Focus will improve your flexibility by relieving your staff of maintenance tasks that can be very time consuming but also very costly, hence the potential cost savings. You can focus on strategic activities with greater value while assuring the stability, performance and functionality of your existing applications.

Thanks to the availability of high qualified Software and IT resources, its high capacity and flexibility of resource mobilization as well as its commitment to quality, Focus can provide customized software maintenance services including :

  • Corrective and preventive maintenance 
  • Performance monitoring and enhancement of the system 
  • System improvement by implementing new features and change requests 
  • User support

Our solutions are shaped to offer flexibility and efficiency by designing personalized services for maintaining high quality standards for our client’s applications. Through our proven delivery model, we are able to guarantee the reversibility of the maintenance contract to the customer at any time.

We also offer SLA that fits to the customer requirements (24/7, reaction time…) and effectively reduces costs.

The implementation process of a maintenance contract with a customer is based on mutual understanding, expertise, and transparency and thereby guaranteeing mutual trust.

Details of our software maintenance services offer:

Our range of software and applications maintenance services includes:

Maintenance of existing system

  • User support
  • Corrective maintenance 
  • Minor modifications 
  • Preventive maintenance

Existing systems  enhancement :

  • Functional evolution 
  • Technical updates 
  • System updates
  • Performance enhancement
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