Wireless Devices

Parrot is a global leader in wireless devices for mobile phones and hand-free systems for the car.

On behalf of Parrot, Focus provides tests and validation application services :

  • IOP testing : tests with all brands of mobile phones on the market to adapt Parrot products
  • Product Testing of Parrot hands free kits
  • Platform testing : to validate features (BT, Wifi, Communication, 3G, streaming, USB …) interacting with the Parrot modules in cars and in connection with various phones and devices.
  • Writing and running Python test scripts on the target

Skills :

  • Eclipse/CTP
  • Python
  • Wflasher
  • WxHipHop, WxSerial, WxCKCM, Octopylog
  • ReadMine, DbPhone, Awacs, Mantis
Parrot Activities