Mobile Technologies

The demand for mobile applications has been quickly increasing over the last years. As a software solution provider, Focus has developed several applications to meet its partners’ needs of value-added services in mobility.

Our portfolio of mobile applications goes from solutions to follow activities statistics and reporting data on mobile devices through web services to the interfacing with the car through user profiling, geo tracking, voice recognition

Our expertise of the state of the art technologies and mobile development environments enables us to provide customized solutions to our clients’ requirements (multiplatform applications, mobile devices types…)

Our team of experienced IT engineers has implemented a wide range of Mobile Phone Projects including:

Customer: Nokia-Siemens

Project XMS

  • This application allows Wataniya Telecom managers to follow useful statistics remotely through their smart phones
  • It proposes a way to display statistical data within a high quality and ergonomic application on an Iphone device
  • This application handles dynamically menus, sub menus and charts according to data exchanged with web service platform

Technologies : Iphone, Objective C, J2EE Web Services, Google Chart Web Service

Customer: Continental

Project NFC Prototype

  • Application based on Near Field Communication technology
  • The application enables its user  to open, close and run his car via his mobile phone, with the possibility to retrieve car information like fuel consumption, wheel state, mileage …
  • Car Finder feature based on Google Maps API

Technologies : J2ME, Android3.3, C/C++/JAVA, Python, NFC, CAN/LIN Network, SIM 

Customer: PARROT

Home FC6100 Application

This application shows the different applications available on Parrot devices according to a specified Look And Feel and allows their launching.

Asteroid FC6100 Application:

Provides a list of wrappers to ease the connection between Java HMI application and Parrot low-layer libraries used for connectivity such as: WIFI wrapper, UPNP wrapper, SMS/MMS/Mail wrapper…

Technologies: Android SDK 2.1, JAVA, XML

Others :


This application allows users to select Web radio among a list of predefined Radios. Play Audio Stream and display according data (Radio name, Song Title, Author,…)

RSS Reader

This application is able to display any RSS news feed

MP3 Reader

This application is able to play any MP3 file

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