Company profile

Focus: Your trusted IT Partner

In a highly competitive economic environment, Outsourcing software development and IT services is proving to be a reliable solution to improve flexibility and focus on its core competencies while reducing costs and reducing time to market.

Operating in the IT Outsourcing market since 2003, Focus has chosen to focalize its offer on the quality of services and relationships. More than clients, Focus considers its customers as real partners. This vision is reflected in close communication, greater transparency and commitment to achieving the goals.

Who we are?

We are a Tunisia based Software Development & IT Services company founded in 2003. We deliver cost effective outsourcing software and IT solutions based on advanced technical skills, IT expertise, and strong commitment to quality assurance.

Working with customers around the world, we offer significant experience and expertise in a broad range of technologies, with a portfolio of value-added IT services that includes:

Focus IT and software outsourcing services : the choice of quality

Certified ISO 9001:2008 and CMMI L3, we have developed our expertise in the areas of Telecommunication, Automotive and Business Intelligence software solutions to deliver high quality services to our clients and partners.

We focus on both existing major players of the business and growing players with an aim of delivering customized services to increase their business competency and responsiveness. Our goal is to design services which convert our client's investment decisions into strategic actions. This opportunity has embedded in us a strong process culture and high quality dedication in job.

Focus main advantages

  • 1. We have a strong Commitment to quality and have reached CMMi L3 in addition to the ISO9001:2008 certification.
  • 2. We have the experience and the ability to work with big customers such as SAP, Nokia-Siemens, Continental, PARROT…
  • 3. We are long term oriented and are therefore willing to invest in a long term and win-win partnership.
  • 4. We offer a highly competitive and attractive pricing level.
  • 5. Our attrition rate is less than 10%.
  • 6. All our engineers have multilingual skills: English, French and Arabic. Some of them master also German or Italian.
  • 7. Security, Confidentiality and Intellectual Propriety Assurance.